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General FAQs

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What is the Ridebiker Alliance?

The Ridebiker Alliance is a program designed to create sustainable club team support for bike clubs across the United States. The Ridebiker Alliance does so by partnering with industry suppliers who want to support clubs by offering discounted or unique product offerings to these clubs.

What other items can be purchased through the Ridebiker Alliance club eStore?

The Ridebiker Alliance is aggressively working with industry supporters to offer their items to Ridebiker Alliance clubs. Industry supporters such as Kenda, Magura are K-Edge are currently working on their product offerings to the eStore, with many more inquiring. They see the value in working with clubs and in giving back to the cycling community.

Aren't you taking sales away from our local bike shop?

The Ridebiker Alliance will work to assign independent clubs to participating retail bike shops, or work directly with retail bike shops looking for help in setting up or organizing their clubs. As part of the Ridebiker Alliance, the retail bike shop will receive proceeds from Ridebiker Alliance-website-generated clothing sales, without the burden of designing the kits, carrying inventory, organizing the sale, or even collecting the money.

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Clubs & Race Teams

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How does it work?

A club accepted into the Ridebiker Alliance should have a minimum of 25 members, each of whom is registered under the club at Each member receives a login, which is then used to order customized club cycling clothing and other items through that club's online store and to set up an eventual member profile page.

What benefits can clubs gain from the Ridebiker Alliance?

Clubs will receive great pricing on custom clothing, no setup fees, online order management and access to unique product offerings from partnered suppliers. In addition, Ridebiker will offer sponsorship to clubs AND rebate clubs 7% on all eStore clothing purchases.

Aside from the Ridebiker Alliance club eStore, what other benefits will the club receive?

Phase two of the Ridebiker Alliance program is that the club's Ridebiker webpage will become a social hub, with scheduled ride and event calendar, links to the club's other social media pages, and individualized member pages.

How is the custom clothing handled?

The Ridebiker Alliance will work directly with clubs to design their kit or by working with a club's existing design.

What requirements are necessary on the custom clothing?

Ridebiker Alliance clubs must display the Ridebiker Alliance logo in specific locations on the kit design, order their custom clothing from the club's eStore and follow Ridebiker Alliance on social media.

What is the pricing of the custom clothing?

The Ridebiker Alliance has secured an aggressive custom clothing price with discounts that may be increased by the club's membership size.

Who makes the custom clothing? What is the quality level?

The Ridebiker Alliance has partnered with Sugoi to produce the custom clothing. We offer three levels of clothing: Social fit, Team fit and Elite fit, which correspond to Sugoi's Evolution, RS and RSE custom product lines.

Can clothing be ordered all year long for new members, or just within certain ordering windows?

Orders can be placed at any time through the Ridebiker Alliance club's eStore. Items are made to order. We recommend an initial club order window to ensure club members start the season in the same gear at the same time.

What are delivery/production lead times?

We are currently promoting a four-week turnaround upon final approval on artwork submitted with initial order placed.

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How can a privateer start a club and gain the financial benefits of the rebate program?

An individual may start a club or team by applying online. A club requires a minimum of 25 members on sign up, with each member committing to purchase a club kit (jersey/short).

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What benefits can an individual gain by joining Ridebiker Alliance?

Individual members can purchase RideBiker apparel and other clubs' apparel at advantageous pricing.

What types of apparel will be available to purchase?

In addition to custom club apparel and casual apparel, RideBiker members will also find fan club apparel in the near future, featuring some of cycling's top personalities.

Can individual members join existing clubs?

Yes, individuals may request to join clubs in their area… or outside of their area! Clubs will have the ability to approve new memberships.

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